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Mixed Division 1 - 2018/2019

Soton Uni Colours Mixed5401301538
Top Flight 1 Mixed330024330
Portsmouth College Mixed4301171923
Notorious JT Mixed20028108
Caer Gwent 1 Mixed30036216
Westgate Mixed30035225

Mixed Division 2A - 2018/2019

Chandlers Ford 1 Mixed330023429
Wildern Mixed4301221428
J9 1 Mixed4103162018
University Eagles Mixed220013517
Falcon 2 Mixed30035225
Brookfield Mixed1001181
MatchPoint 1 Mixed1001181

Mixed Division 2B - 2018/2019

Mixed Division 3 - 2018/2019

Bishops Waltham 1 Mixed4301261032
Andover Mixed330020726
MatchPoint 2 Mixed4103171919
Bishops Waltham 2 Mixed210111713
Top Flight 3 Mixed21016128
David Lloyd Leisure Mixed30031261
J9 2 Mixed0000000

Mens Division 1 - 2018/2019

Soton Uni Colours 1 Mens320122526
Highbury MacKenzie Mens220012616
Westgate Mens310291811
Notorious JT 1 Mens210181010
Wildern Mens20023153
Portsmouth College Mens0000000

Mens Division 2 - 2018/2019

J9 Mens4301261032
Soton Uni Colours 2 Mens5302242130
Solent Eagles 1 Mens330020726
Top Flight Mens20024144
Butts Ash Mens1001454
BGB Southampton Mens30033243

Mens Division 3 - 2018/2019

Notorious JT 2 Mens330025231
University Eagles Mens330024330
Brookfield Mens5203172821
Fleming Park Mens220017121
Falcon Mens4103132315
Solent Eagles 2 Mens310281910
David Lloyd Leisure Mens40044324

Ladies Division 1 - 2018/2019

Soton Uni Colours Ladies220018022
Phoenix Ladies220016220
Nomads Ladies11009011
Top Flight Ladies1100729
Solent Eagles Ladies30034234
Winchester Ladies30030270


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