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Mixed Division 1 - 2017/2018

Top Flight 1 Mixed660051363
Westgate Mixed440036044
Caer Gwent 1 Mixed7403293437
Soton Uni Colours Mixed7304253831
J9 1 Mixed6105124214
Top Flight 2 Mixed60069459

Mixed Division 2A - 2017/2018

Wildern Mixed770056770
Notorious JT Mixed7601531065
BGB Southampton Mixed8404393347
Brookfield Mixed7403323140
Winchester Mixed8206195323
Chandlers Ford 2 Mixed6204163820
Top Flight 3 Mixed7007105310

Mixed Division 2B - 2017/2018

Chandlers Ford 1 Mixed7601491361
Falcon 1 Mixed7502372147
Portsmouth College Mixed540132740
MatchPoint 1 Mixed5302232229
Caer Gwent 2 Mixed6105193521
Fleming Park Mixed51047389
Andover Mixed50057387

Mixed Division 3 - 2017/2018

Solent Eagles Mixed9900681386
University Eagles Mixed7601481560
Falcon 2 Mixed9504483358
MatchPoint 2 Mixed9306344740
Bishops Waltham Mixed8206304234
J9 2 Mixed7304243930
David Lloyd Leisure Mixed *7007063-2

* Penalty Points Deducted  

Mens Division 1 - 2017/2018

Soton Uni Colours 1 Mens7403342942
Westgate Mens440031539
Wildern Mens5302271833
Portsmouth College 1 Mens5203202524
J9 Mens6204173721
Soton Uni Colours 2 Mens5104153017

Mens Division 2A - 2017/2018

Notorious JT 1 Mens660048658
Top Flight Mens6501351945
Portsmouth College 2 Mens7403362744
University Eagles Mens7304333039
Chandlers Ford Mens6204124216
Brookfield Mens8008165616

Mens Division 2B - 2017/2018

Butts Ash Mens8503383448
Highbury MacKenzie Mens6402322240
Caer Gwent Mens4400261034
Notorious JT 2 Mens6204252929
Solent Eagles 1 Mens5203222326
Winchester Mens5005103510

Mens Division 3 - 2017/2018

Notorious JT 3 Mens880063979
BGB Southampton Mens8602452757
Fleming Park Mens7304323138
Solent Eagles 2 Mens6204243028
Falcon Mens6204223226
David Lloyd Leisure Mens *70073601

* Penalty Points Deducted  

Ladies Division 1 - 2017/2018

Soton Uni Colours Ladies540138746
Top Flight Ladies4400241232
Nomads Ladies3201171021
Phoenix Ladies4103152117
MatchPoint Ladies60065495

Ladies Division 2 - 2017/2018

Four Marks Ladies4400261034
Enigma Ladies3201161120
Winchester Ladies3102121514
University Eagles Ladies40049279
Portsmouth College Ladies #0000000

# Defaulted  


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